Behind the flowers

«Those who know me know that I am a flower freak, what few know is that this crazy love for flowers appeared while I was in Law school (yes, I am a lawyer)»

It all started when I discovered the therapeutic power of flowers between the exaggerated stress of school and work. Over time, my passion for flowers grew stronger, finally leading me to discover my true calling.

In 2014, I took my clippers, the only book about flowers that i was able to find at the local book store, and let my imagination and creativity do their thing.

I graduated as a lawyer, I opened a flower shop, that happened to be pure chaos and after thinking deeply about my future, with a thousand fears, I started again. Years passed and I had the opportunity to learn from amazing designers who over time invited me to join their teams worldwide.

Those and many other decisions, successes and failures led me to where I am today,  making flowers in Mexico and the world.

Sustainability is at the heart of my work, making sure my creations honor the beauty of nature while minimizing their ecological impact.